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Development, Regeneration, and Rare Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System

The overarching aim of the Goldhamer Lab is to understand fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate normal musculoskeletal development and how these mechanisms are co-opted in disease states. Areas of investigation include the regulation of stem cell fates in embryonic development and muscle regeneration, the molecular basis of stem cell dysfunction in impaired regeneration, and the mechanisms of stem cell reprogramming in diseases manifested by the accumulation of fat, fibrotic tissues, and heterotopic bone in skeletal muscle tissue. Mouse molecular genetics, advanced histological methods, and genomics approaches are some of the complementary tools we use to address these and related areas in developmental biology, stem cell biology, and disease pathogenesis.

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MCB 3219. Developmental and Regenerative Biology

MCB 3220. Developmental Biology Laboratory

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